Problems at Uhart

I am living in the comps on campus. And the amount of problems we’ve had and the problems  that have been reported and then never being fixed is a lot. We have had a lot of bathroom problems, laundry issues, a lot of leaks happen in b comp, and I have heard people have found mice in their air conditioning. They also have a huge mold problem. I have heard that they just paint over the walls and mold every year. 

I have two sisters that are now graduating this year, and lived in the village the past 3 years and have a bunch of stories from living there. They once had a mouse eating their couch and had to get my dad to get it out. There are also a lot of break-ins and recently they just had a problem with someone following girls around and him knocking on random peoples doors looking for apartments that are open. They told me a story about how a girl they knew had the apartment above her, the toilet burst and flooded her apartment. Another problem that needs to be fixed is res life. Because my friends and I experience them is horrible. We have to get our parents to email them because they don’t seem to want to respond to our emails. 

And parking is a whole story itself. Especially right now with how they are renovating the apartments they are just putting random storage units in parking spots that we pay for. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just wait a week till everyone is gone. There’s no parking and we pay $500 for parking we don’t have. They also love to give out tickets like there’s no tomorrow.

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