My Experience as Residential Student

In my Freshman year, I lived in the Complex C building Malcolm X. I was very eager to start my new life at college. I was excited to meet my roommate from the group chat I was in at the time. I was eager to be on campus at the time, as a Freshman. I was eager to meet other residents in Complex C. To meet my other classmates in the University setting. My experience was good at my complex. The restrooms are kept clean by other residents, much of the time.

The A/C was great during the last summer months after the class time. Until November came around during my first year of college. It was about 30 degrees outside. I was too scared to turn the heat on. The heater smelled burnt. I thought something bad was going to happen to the heater. My roommate and I called the facilities to look at the heater and turn it on. We were told from facilities that the burnt smell is completely normal. I thought it was normal at the time. I thought at least we have a heater during the fall and winter months.

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