Mj’s experience

When moving in back in my freshman year, I thought the condition that the dorms were in was normal for a dorm. But when it came to living there, the school made every issue the residents’ problem to deal with. I have been repeatedly told to unclog the toilets and showers myself when they were out of order. I reported them, just to be told to do it myself. Being a freshman, I once again assumed this was what life was like, until I realized that this ”fix it yourself” response was campus-wide, as there were no residence areas that would help me with any of the issues that came with living in the dorms. I understand students are supposed to be responsible for their space, but these spaces were in a state of disarray upon arrival, and yet again it is my problem to fix them. You would expect ResLife and facilities would uphold these standards or fix these issues, but I guess that is not in their job description.

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