Kate’s Experience on Campus

For my entire University of Hartford experience, I have lived in the complexes.  As a freshman and a sophomore, I have always been in a double room in the ABCD neighborhoods.  My experience has overall been a pleasant one, I have yet to have any maintenance issues, and I have no complaints about the University of Hartford Reslife. Most of the time, buildings, public spaces, and bathrooms have been kept clean with the occasional exception, but that’s to be expected living with college students.  I don’t keep my car on campus, so I haven’t had any negative stories to share about public safety or parking issues, although I am aware that it is an issue, and many of my friends struggle with both of those things here on campus.

I will say, however, that my one complaint is the social life and student activity for residential students.  There seems to be a big disconnect between students living together in both buildings that I have lived in.  I tried many times to attend events run by my RA and make friends with other residents of my building or floor, and many people seem to keep to themselves.  The RA events tend to have low attendance unless free items are being offered.  I fully understand that COVID has a large role in this, but it is disheartening to see such little effort from Reslife, and other residents to host activities or ways to get involved more.

Overall, I personally have not had any issues with maintenance, and parking issues do not apply to me.  I’ve had a fairly uneventful residential experience at the University of Hartford, and I consider myself lucky, as I know many people who have wild stories to tell about their own experiences here.

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