Kellen’s On-Campus Experience

In the fall of my first semester at The University of Hartford, I arrived excited and eager to get my first experience living away from home. I had met a friend before the semester had started and we decided to room together in the freshman housing.

On move-in day, I arrived at my dorm and was shocked. I wasn’t going into this experience expecting to live in the Taj Mahal, but my room was about the size of a one-person bathroom. Imagine my surprise when I saw my floormates rooms which were twice the size.

For the most part, everything was going fine, until it began to get colder. We quickly realized our heater was extremely loud and made the room quite musty. We called facilities who came the next day and told us there was nothing they could do. 

So we accepted our fate and dealt with the noise. About a week later, the heater completely shut off. It wasn’t long before we were shivering and nearly seeing our breath. Facilities came and gave us two small space heaters and told us that they would be back to fix the heat later. In the middle of winter.

Overall my UHart dorming experience was filled with many issues which were mostly due to the old age of the freshman dorms. This all inevitably led me to become a commuter at the end of my freshman year. Since then I have heard horror stories of food poisonings and bee infestations that only further confirm my decision to commute. 

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