College Advisor Training (Opinion)

The University of Hartford, like many other colleges, has a large number of advisors for both undergraduate and graduate students. Advisors are available to assist all students in adjusting to college life and completing the course requirements necessary to complete their degree. When a professor becomes an advisor, it makes sense that they all receive the same training so that each advisor can provide reliable information to each of their advisees.

Unfortunately, a major issue that is occurring today is that many students are feeling frustrated because their advisor is not giving them the correct information, and when they ask other professors, they are likely to receive a different response from each professor. This creates a great deal of unnecessary confusion when college students are already at maximum stress levels. 

A proposal that I have to fix this issue is that every advisor gets the same training before the school year starts so that they each have the exact same information to give to each student. This will give students trust in their advisors’ expertise, and students will no longer have to face the crushing news in their senior year that they were never told they needed a particular class and will have to take an additional course.

Professors are required to have some knowledge of the course load therefore, it wouldn’t be a big issue if they all received the same training for a day maybe two. It would take the same amount of time to complete and it would greatly help them accomplish their job. Clearly, this is a feasible solution to an ever occurring problem. Myself, and many more students urge University of Hartford to promote this easy fix in the coming school year.

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